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Seat Covers Protect your Car Seat

Contrary to what most people think, the main idea of seat covers is not just beautification, but protection. The wear and tear that occurs on the seat is probably equivalent to the engine wear and tear, but unlike your customer’s car engine that you take well care of, you generally tend to neglect the car seat and steering wheel cover. Protecting and beautifying, steering and seat covers help keep your customers satisfied.

Greece stains, chemical stains, water and other stains that could get on your customer’s seats and steering wheels from your mechanics can really damage your customers’ cars—and your reputation. By investing in protective seat covers, you can protect your customers’ vehicle interiors as a good seat cover can significantly reduce staining and tearing. Oil Change Stickers now bring you clear, plastic protective seat covers.

Our protective seat covers is designed to give you maximum protection and the best fit. They come in universal and custom made sizes and each one is made of high quality durable materials. They are easy to maintain and can be slipped on and off easily. While they withstand the stress of the workplace, they are easily disposable and can be replaced and reordered easily. We also bring you steering wheel covers in a variety of sizes and materials. They aid in protecting your customer’s steering wheels from common workplace grit and grime.

Our protective seat covers are great value for money and provide long-term protection due to their durability. The days of worrying about permanently staining your customers’ car seats and upholstery are now over. Protect upholstery interior with seat covers to keep your customers happy and satisfied. You can now be sure to satisfy your clientele with seat covers that can give them comfort, protection, and most of all, a smile of satisfaction.