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Oil Change Stickers

Oil Change Stickers one of the most effective and innovating marketing tools. They provide such valuable service that a customer not only appreciates but also values. Oil change stickers are the most cost effective, easy, innovative and effortless marketing tools of recent times, and they offer a valuable and practical service to the end user.

The best part about oil change stickers is that they tell you exactly when you need to change the oil in your car. The stickers mention the date and mileage number so that you do not skip the date of the next oil change.

Though they say that you should change the oil in your car every 3000 miles but it not necessary to do so. Big shots from big car companies say that you can stretch it up to 5000 miles. Since most of us do not remember when we last got the oil in the car changed, oil change stickers are a relief for us.

The oil change stickers are generally put on the windshield of a vehicle. There is a motive behind it. Every time the driver gets behind the wheels, the first thing that he sees is the oil change sticker. And he is immediately reminded of the due date for the next oil change. This more than helps in keeping a track of the routine maintenance.

The oil change stickers can be custom made. This means that you can get any information printed on the oil change sticker that you want. You can choose your own lube decal and your own content. In addition, you can even get your company logo or business logo printed on the oil change sticker on minimal prices. This gives your company free publicity and helps in keeping your company name top of mind for the customers. And it is unnecessary to say that it is very important in today's highly competitive and price driven world.

The oil change stickers are a big hit and sell very well because they give the customer the tools to sell their own product as well as keep track of car servicing. Oil change stickers are not very "in-your-face" marketing tools, but by being very subtle and mild ones, they are nonetheless effective. The pieces of clear plastic adorn advertisement as well as information for your business. And this is the reason they are so popular!