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Protect your Floors by Protective Floor Mats

Car after car rolls into your business for routine maintenance. Well, it is obvious that you are giving your clients what they require most – satisfaction. Now, why not add another feather in your cap by using practical high quality floor mats that protect your customers’ car interiors? Not only will your clients be completely satisfied but your popularity will also increase many times over, for the quality products you use to deliver each vehicle stain and grime free.

Most floor mats live a very short life span due to the atrocities they are generally subjected to. Snow, mud, grime, grease, oil, and rain make the plush carpets look like soggy spreads which can be quite an eyesore. Even mats made of other materials such as synthetics and rubber are prone to staining and spotting. Despite all your efforts to clean them, they may still look as you received them. Hence, it is important to take care that you don’t stain your client’s floor carpets with grease, water or other chemicals when carrying out your work. One blot is enough to strain relationships and lose clientele. So why not take special care?

We, at Oil Change Stickers have spared no efforts in providing high quality protective floor mats for cars and other automobiles. Our floor mats shield your customer’s car carpets from unsightly stains and wear. Our plastic floor mats keep carpets clean by staying in place and repelling acids, oils, gas, solvents and cleaners. All these substances cannot soak through them. Our paper floor mats are perfect when the vehicles are ready for pick-up since they have a ‘Thank You’ message imprinted on them. As they are made of thick paper, they provide good protection for the carpet mats. Our water resistant mat offers all weather protection and comes imprinted with messages. Our protective floor mats are made to cover most standard automobiles. You can order them online and they are shipped to you with free shipping.

Luxurious carpet floor mats add style and protection to your vehicle, while paper floor mats and plastic floor mats make for a practical and economical option to protect the expensive flooring. Each one is guaranteed to provide lasting durability that can withstand mud, sand, slush or any other chemical or outdoor elements. With our protective floor mats, you now have one more reason to keep your clientele happy and satisfied.