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Oil Change Reminder Stickers

Increase the Life Span of Your Automobile

Powder Springs, GA - - Press Release, Feb 28, 2006 - Do you remember when was it that you last changed the oil in your car? You probably have to dig out this information from your car maintenance record book. And that’s precisely why most people forget about timely oil change. Company cars and vehicles, in particular, bear the brunt and live much shorter than their estimated life! But now, help is at hand - oil change sticker from Oilchangestickers! With service reminders such as oil change reminder, oil reminder sticker and lube reminder sticker, you will never again forget to change the oil in your automotive! Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Ford, Jaguar, BMW, Isuzu - whatever be the make and model of your car, find service reminders and oil change reminder stickers at Oilchangestickers. They are easy to read 2.75" x 2" labels that can have custom address and your business logo printed on them. These stickers are of very high quality with new ultra removable adhesive.

Based on your needs, you can select the quantity of your oil change sticker ranging from 250 to 20,000. A set of 2000 stickers cost you only $ 153.35/-. Ordering these service reminders online is easy. All you need to do is enter the information you want on each line of your oil reminder sticker, in the boxes provided on the website, and submit. Shipping on all orders is free and you also receive an online invoice for every order. You can also avail of discounts when different locations are grouped together.

At Oilchangestickers, you can also print your oil reminder sticker. The printer is programmed with your address information and the starter package includes enough ribbon and decals to produce 1000 oil change reminder stickers. Service reminder printer is especially useful in bigger establishments with more number of vehicles. With such an asset as a label printer, you can carry out maintenance of your vehicle much before a snag takes over and causes undue wear. Oilchangestickers also has other innovative supplies that can be bought online, such as key tags, bags, stock tags and floor mats. Each item is high in quality and practically designed to provide best utility.

With service reminders from Oilchangestickers, now, it’s in your hands to increase the lifespan of your vehicles. Oil change sticker, lube reminder sticker, oil change reminder sticker or service reminder printer – choose from a wide range of products. Each one reminds you of your vehicle’s timely service. Order these stickers today and ensure that your automotives live a problem free and healthy life.