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Why Static Cling Labels

Static cling labels are labels that stick on smooth surfaces due to the effect of static electricity. No adhesives are required to stick them, which translates to no grimy residual adhesive on the sticking surface! Static cling labels stick on smooth glass and metal surfaces and are easy to remove. It is a fast growing marketing medium and is considered a highly cost effective and powerful way to market products and services. Static labels are also increasingly used as auto dealers' labels and stickers.

At Oilchangestickers, the static cling stickers find a very practical use. Oil change reminder stickers remind you when to change the oil in your car! Car windshields make the ideal surface for sticking static cling stickers. Sticking your service reminders and oilchange sticker on your windshield is a surefire way to ensure that you don't overlook these important maintenance tasks. Ordering static cling labels online, is easy. All you need to do is enter the information you want on each line of your oil change sticker, in the boxes provided on the website and submit. You can select the quantity of static labels based on your requirement which can vary from 250 to 20,000. Shipping on all orders is free and you also receive an online invoice for every order.

Static labels can be printed in many colors, which is why you can also have your company logo with these service reminders. Static cling printers can print static cling stickers with requisite details and colors. The oil sticker printer available at Oilchangestickers can be programmed with your address information and the starter package includes enough ribbon and decals to produce 1000 oilchange reminder stickers. The inks used impart long lasting color and elegant double-sided imaging. Clear and white static cling stickers are also available.

Apart from being easy to remove and reposition, these stickers do not leave an adhesive stain on the surface. They are reusable and an economically viable and practical option. At Oilchangestickers, you can either order your stickers or buy a static cling printer, which can print the static cling labels. These printers are also sometimes called window printers as static labels are also used on windows. On any glass or smooth surface they look attractive and colorful. Static cling printers are increasingly finding their uses in bigger establishments for printing vehicle oil reminder stickers, event notification and product marketing. With its multifarious uses and economic viability, static cling labels together with static cling printer are must-haves for both small and large businesses alike.