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Lube Sticker Printer

Conveying your company’s message through lube stickers is a very effective marketing strategy. Doing marketing for your company through lube stickers is a low cost affair. To print these static labels you can buy lube sticker printer.

A lube sticker printer can easily print these lube stickers and perform the marketing task in a subtle but effective way. The stickers can be printed according to your choice and bear the message you want to convey. These stickers are used as oil change stickers. The oil change stickers are applied on the window shield of the vehicle to remind the driver about the next oil change date. They are also called lube reminder stickers as they remind about the next due date of lube oil change. provides these lube sticker printers. is offering a stand-alone printer system, which is available with a keyboard. The printer can produce 1,000 oil change stickers. The printer is pre-programmed according to your company’s information, which makes it easy for your use. Free shipping service is provided for the delivery of the printer. Once you have bought a starter pack of a printer, you can also buy thermal ribbons and label refill kits later on. There are various prices offered on the number of printers you buy from There are a number of packages on the offering, which can save your money if you buy more than one printer. The lube decals printed with a printer can be helpful in prospering your business. It is a small price you pay for the marketing benefits you will get with the labels.

Purchasing a printer for printing lube reminder stickers is a better option than spending a huge amount of money in other promotional techniques. Service deals will remind the driver of the servicing date and he/she will return back for servicing to your company. This helps you have a good clientele. These lube decals are plastic stickers, which can easily be applied, and are also easily removable. With the message and logo of your company printed on the stickers, it serves as an effective tool in conveying your company’s message.

Summary: Lube stickers are applied on the windshield of the vehicle and with the message they convey promotes the services of the company. These stickers can be printed with a lube sticker printer. offers these lube sticker printers.