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Powder Springs, GA - - April 7, 2006 - - Mitsubishi, Suzuki, Ford, Jaguar, BMW, Isuzu and many more – every day, many makes and models of cars roll in to you for service, maintenance and repair. The larger the number of cars, the more the number of car keys you have floating around the store, providing for more . It may happen that you misplace a key or get it mixed with another. And if that ever happens, you most likely lose your present client, but your reputation may suffer as unhappy clients tell 10 other people of their experience, on average. Why ruin your reputation for something that can be so easily organized to avoid any confusion? Use automotive key tags from Oil Change Stickers. Automotive key tags can be easily attached with keys and used to identify them. They come in a variety of types and colors that make it easy for you to organize them, when you have too many vehicles to handle.

Oil Change Stickers; offer you many different kinds of key tags that you can use for any vehicle. Plastic film key tags and versa tags in many colors make it easy for you to identify the cars, trucks, or other automotives. Clear plastic film with permanent adhesive seals can stick to the window and with their colors help in identification. They come in packages of 100 per pack. Self locking key tag or the versa tags enable you to write on these with any pen, pencil or marker and then fold over the clear laminate for durable protection. And this also includes chrome rings. All of them come in sets and are an economically viable and practical option. They can be ordered online and will be shipped with free shipping.

Despite working in a high-pressure environment against deadlines, now you can ensure that small but important things (such as keys) don’t ever get misplaced or lost. Oil Change Stickers can help you in providing value service to your clientele. It’s a small price to pay for ensuring that you give your clients the best service.