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Maintenance of cars can be a quite a hassle. Remembering the due date of your next service and similar minor maintenance issues of the car in today’s busy life schedule is next to impossible. Oil change stickers provided by are the most efficient and unobtrusive way of reminding a motorist of the due date for oil change or next service of his car. These stickers also work as effective, innovative, modern and easy marketing tools. They are both cost effective and effortless. Oil change stickers take care of your vehicle and lend credence to the service center also.

Stickers from are among the best oil change stickers in market. The little pieces of clear plastic are usually affixed on the windscreen of a car and provide all the information a service company needs to put up. The stickers can be positioned so that each time the driver gets behind the wheel, oil change sticker is the first thing that is in his view. Not only that, many stickers and can be used as accessories by the service center. These accessories are used by the service centers to take care of the customer’s vehicle while working on them.

Most customers are usually unaware that the inflation pressure listed on the tire itself is the tire’s maximum pressure, not its ideal pressure. In case the car’s owner’s manual has no specifications, customer’s can revert to a tire rotation sticker. At most tire rotation sticker and labels can be used for information on correct tire pressure. The sticker is pasted on the door jam or doorpost, glove compartment door or on the fuel door. The sticker will tell you the pressure to be maintained to get the best performance out of the vehicle, even the correct tire size and maximum vehicle load.

We at keep it simple and easy for you. Our customers can print company logo or business logo on the oil change sticker that comes at a minimal one-time fee of $50. Not only does it provide free advertisement so that your company stays at the top of the customer's mind, it benefits your customer manyfold. Just log onto and follow the simple instructions given in the website. You can put any information on the oil change sticker that you want. You can do so by filling-in the desired content on the boxes provided in the page. We ensure you that we will take care of the rest.